Our Services

Our Services

As a respected industry and trusted partner, we provide a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical
services from the earliest stages of delivery through to commercial launch and ongoing supply.

Import / Export

One focus of our business activities is the worldwide export and import business.

We export pharmaceuticals, medical devices and cosmetic products both to EU member states and to third countries. Our logistic structure enables us to meet your requirements from single packages to large order quantities.

Cold chain products

Transport with the highest responsibility.

Medical products often react sensitively to temperature fluctuations.

Products subject to the cold chain must be stored at 2 to 8° Celsius from their manufacture to their use by the end consumer. Any exceeding or falling below this temperature can lead to a considerable reduction in quality. This means a very high level of responsibility, which we assume for you with the utmost conscientiousness. Accordingly, we place the highest priority on storage in accordance with requirements, so as not to endanger the quality of our products.

Customs clearance

Reach your destination quickly and safely

We are well acquainted with the pharmaceutical law and are also happy to take care of customs clearance and help you with regard to the existing import regulations.

We research the most efficient and fastest way for your order.

We use a wide variety of transport routes – from sea freight to air freight.